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Who we are

We are a leading Wealth Management Group in India managing Wealth of Ultra & High Net-worth individuals as well as retail clients for the last two decades through our pan India presence.

Our business is to manage your Wealth through a combination of multiple offerings like AIF, PMS, Structured Product, Mutual Fund, Broking, Property, Loan Advisory & Protection Plan.


Alternative investments have caught a flavor among Indian investors who are looking for diversification. Alternative investments like PMS, AIF, Private Equity, Structured Product, Unlisted Equity & Offshore Investment have slowly and steadily achieved an important position in investor’s portfolio. View more

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds offer various categories and investment options based on investor’s time horizon and risk appetite which will help them to diversify their portfolio by investing across various asset classes like Equity, Debt & Gold.

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Fixed Income

Fixed income securities can be an important part of a well-diversified portfolio. It reduces the overall risk and volatility in an investment portfolio that arise due to investment in stocks. Fixed income investments are secure, low-risk instruments that generate a steady stream of income for the investors.

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Decision making for the property can often be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Real estate is often an overlooked sector due to lack of knowledge and understanding on investor’s part, but it can be quite an appealing investment avenue, if bought/sold at the right time and price.

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Investing in stock, commodity or currency may not be everyone's cup of tea as it is very volatile. Unbiased research, market insight and most importantly market timing play a key role in making an informed investment decision.

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Insurance planning is an important element of a comprehensive financial plan that includes evaluating risks and determining proper insurance coverage to mitigate those risks. Insurance planning doesn’t end with Life Insurance alone, it extends to the planning of your health, property insurance, etc.

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Loans can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Consumers commonly take loans to finance the home purchase, personal needs, a startup business or an ongoing business. There are wide varieties of options available in the loan market, so it's important to research what type of loan that best suits consumer’s requirement.

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